Yanxi Raiders II: What do the plastic faces in the drama tell us about where to fix and where not to fix?

Last time we talked about the fact that none of the actresses in “Yanxi Raiders” except for Qin Lan is a knot of beauty, this time we’ll analyze who the actresses are in the drama. Whose face is fixed right, whose face is fixed wrong, where is the right and where is the wrong? Can we learn from experience when planning cosmetic surgery so that we don’t take detours that run counter to our beauty.

Begin with the contours:

In the drama, the face value of Qin Lan evolved from the beginning of the national face to Empress Fuchsia, and the effect has changed with the times. After more than one jaw surgery, Empress Fuchsia’s jawline is lax and soft tissue is accumulating on the outer plate of the jawline.

The most important thing is to make sure that you have the right tools to do the job, so that you can make sure that you can do it right.

The actual chin modification is very natural, and it’s almost impossible to see it if you don’t observe it carefully, as her chin is wider, fortunately not into a small and pointed shape, a thin layer of curve, the effect is still very modified face shape.

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you’re in the right position to make sure that you’re in the right position to make sure that you’re in the right place.

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have a good understanding of the situation, and that you have a good understanding of the situation.

The most important thing to do is to make sure that you have a good understanding of what you are doing.

And the chin pad is so redundant that it would have been a wide square chin, but for the tapered face effect, the chin was stretched longer, not to mention, old-fashioned and rustic.

The high noble consort’s military division Chilan, the standard snake face evolution over, chin pad take, take pad. Why didn’t you realize that your problem wasn’t on the chin? What was the idea of lengthening your chin when you already have such long proportions in the lower midriff? Why not take the time to study her facial features, only orthognathic surgery + atrium shortening can completely change her appearance, putting a certain No matter how perfect the part is, the blind man will not make a substantial difference.

The newest member of the team was the first to be appointed to the post, and the first to be appointed to the post.

This comment is quite revealing, as the natural plastic surgery will not be seen, which is the ultimate goal of plastic surgery. Aesthetic awareness can be enhanced by being the main character? Or is it an aesthetic improvement to play the lead? Wu has realized that the extension of her own features is superior to copying standard pieces, and that the female number one wouldn’t just be a net level anyway:.

The chin of Jinxiu is too pointy, the prosthesis is shifted, the cheeks are asymmetrical as already said in the previous article, according to the proportion for the basis of analysis, chin modification belongs to the painting, there would have been recognition, forced to the assembly line squeeze.

The first thing that you should do is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you’re looking for.

It is the first time I have ever been in a position to do so, and I am sure I will be able to do the same.


The amount of forehead filler doesn’t seem very controlled, there are a lot of actors in the show who fill in their foreheads, the exquisite birthday girl’s brain is very funny, the face itself is big enough, and when the brain protrudes it appears to be even bigger, and she has also lengthened her chin, you can see from the screen that her head to body ratio is wrong, due to the addition done a lot, the head accounts for too much, the neck is squeezed short, it feels like a big head on top of the birthday girl.

The first time I saw this, I thought it would be a good idea to have a little bit of a new look.

Forehead filling is very simple, but we must consider the relationship between the forehead and the brow bone when doing it. The filler feels flat and bulbous, and the high and low bony surface of the forehead is buried beneath the filler.

There is a slope above the brow bone, so if the filler is not considered, it will become one piece with the brow bone, and the slightly convex brow bone and forehead will be fused in one horizontal plane.
The natural thing about Wu’s forehead filler is that the brow bone is high, the injection site is down, only the depressed and underfilled areas are filled, and the brow area is filled accordingly.


Eye grooming has become the introduction to cosmetic surgery, the most popular and most widely accepted in cosmetic surgery is double eyelid surgery, double eyelid surgery after years of practice and improvement has been very mature.

The bottom of the actresses are not too bad, but some people want to add to it, the eyes have been big enough but also to open the corner of the eye, get the eye is close, the proportion is not coordinated, but not good-looking.

Noble Princess Tanjo is one of them.

Tanjo’s eyes were actually already large, and the open corners were sharp and thin and visually awkward. She was trying to address the problem of removing fatty deposits from her eyes, rather than focusing on the cleft and trimming the upper eyelids to light, thick and puffy The eyelid is very old, but it also affects the flow of the eyes, and the cleft eyes are too big, which makes you feel like staring.

But after the widening of her eyelids and the opening of the inner corners of her eyes, her eyes were already very close to each other, so she is not afraid to make her nose even wider.

The main reason why many people have unnatural plastic surgery is because they are sensitive to the facial features, but they have no concept of the position and proportion of the facial features, so they are always looking for perfection in one part of the face, which destroys the whole picture but they don’t know it.

The eyelids of Wang Yuankel are like two folds when she looks plain, and she is very haggard without makeup.

The inner corners of her eyes are also open, but not as hard as the two above, and her face is wider, the eye spacing itself is wider, and her eyes are long, which is The reason she doesn’t have a sense of tug when she opens her eyes. Her lower eyelid is down and has a very beautiful curve that echoes the 45° angle of the inner eye, and the character’s gentleness and softness is enhanced by Qin Lan’s eye Acting in a logical manner.

Charmaine’s eyes open as smartly and decently as the jaw angle, the inner eye angle is more rounded, neither close the eyes distance, nor a raw sense of pull, the Hong Kong actress gave the mainland actress another sample.


The nose was already mentioned in the last issue (to learn more about the actresses’ noses in the show, poke:Yanxi Raiders 1: None of the women in the drama are beautiful, except for Qin Lan and the others. Where are they all lost? )

There are many people with nose problems, it is not easy to get a fine and natural nose through plastic surgery, there are many aspects to consider before nose plastic surgery, and here we only talk about who has a better nose and who has a poor one.

Tan Zhuo’s nose only addresses the root and bridge of the nose, the tip of the nose nose base are not involved, so the overall roughness of the nose, the middle of the face sunken obvious, to the overall face value minus points.

Exquisite nose with pronounced L-shaped prosthesis, wide unmodified nostrils, pronounced break in the connection between the root and the full forehead, low decree lines visible at the base of the nose, nostrils too large and unsightly, nose somewhat clumsy in the face:.

Wu’s nose has been in a state of flux, although the base of the nose is not particularly good, but the changes in adjustments show that it is becoming more and more natural and refined, the actor’s aesthetic is getting better, and the doctor’s technique is getting better:.

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you’re able to get the right amount of money for the right reasons.

We have said many times about the nasal base fillings, which are used to address the midface depression, in order to cushion the maxillary alveolar bone from over-projection. of the steps, cushioning the right-angle steps into a certain slope. Generally for people with deeper nasolabial sulci, more pronounced upper lip prominence, collapsed skeletal tissue around the base of the nose, or lack of soft tissue, the play This surgery was performed on the actor playing the role of imperial concubine, Pan Shi Qi.

Because the nasal triangle was filled, the nasal wings and the middle part of the human body were covered by the implant, and the details of the expression in this area were basically lost, and the cheeks were squeezed by hyaluronic acid.
Little Sauce went through the previous photos of Pan Shi Qi and was shocked and couldn’t figure out why she needed fillers when there was no problem with the base of her nose. Tanjo’s nose is supposed to improve the nasolabial folds by having the base of her nose filled in, but I don’t see any need for Pan Shi Qi to have the base of her nose filled in. And the filling had made the hollowing on both sides of the nose even worse.

What had happened to her bright face, which was out of proportion and structurally disintegrated.

How different are people’s aesthetics, and how disfiguring is it to use cosmetic tools that address flaws? When I posted this photo I wasn’t quite convinced that this was what the imperial concubine originally looked like, and I don’t see where the pretty girl in the photo needs to be Plastic surgery, this is such a sad case that we should never emulate.

A closer look at the plastic surgery journey of the actresses in the show reveals that they didn’t just stop once. It starts with just a nose bridge, after which the visual effect of the distance between the two eyes will look closer, and the nose bridge will appear higher. The atrium grows longer, at which point you wonder if you can compensate for the atrium defect by widening the eyes.

It’s not just a matter of time, it’s also a matter of time before you have a chance to get the best out of it,” he said.

About the plastic surgery parts of the measurement, from the big picture to start local sculpture, the face is a three-dimensional state, make a position, change the It’s not just this one area that can affect the overall proportions of the face.

So decide to do plastic surgery, it is best to adjust according to the overall facial contours, so that the overall facial proportions will not be destroyed, like Qin Lan and Charmaine’s adjustment method and strength, visually exquisite and natural, truly do plastic surgery for me, worthy of our reference.

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