Why don’t Korean stars get plastic surgery and never hear of a failure?

The tourism and plastic surgery industries are indispensable to Korea’s economy, and “Let Beauty” touts Korean plastic surgeons’ skills, impressing everyone with the success stories and ignoring the failures.

If you search by heart, you will find only a lot more plastic surgery failures in Korea than in China.

The most important thing is that you can’t be sure if you’re going to be able to get a good deal of the time to get a good deal of the time to get a good deal of the time.

The Korean light filter retouching can’t even be seen to be broken, so the illusion to everyone is that Korean plastic surgery is very natural, especially filling, let them undergo a visual China baptism to try, probably will be skeptical of life.

After dragging her feet a while ago to watch Ghosts, Liu In Na’s face is really beautiful, but stiff is also really stiff.

Liu Renna basically speaks the upper lip and the apple muscles in the person have not moved, when laughing the whole face is the corners of the mouth muscles push the apple muscles, the apple muscles then squeeze the corners of the eyes, finally finish the expression of laughing.

Liu Renna also has a very deep law line, even if the filter + skinning set law line is still very obvious.

And then there’s Jessica, who was on the hot list a while back, and the usual photos are

But one day the unretouched pictures flowed out, like a changed person, and the nowhere to be found apple muscles were telling everyone I had plenty of collagen.

Hyaluronic acid comes in large molecules, medium molecules, and small molecules.

Large-molecule hyaluronic acid has a certain hardness and is suitable for filling the shape, medium-molecule hyaluronic acid is used for lip augmentation, filling the tear trough, small-molecule hyaluronic acid is used for fine areas, wrinkle removal, hydrophobic needle.

Hyaluronic acid usually lasts for about six months, but after 4.5 months, it will be almost absorbed, and as the area that needs to be shaped, it has to be maintained by injections.

The rate of absorption of hyaluronic acid, at least 2 times a year, the artist is in plastic surgery, so long accumulated, not stiff even difficult.

Some people will ask why not do fat filling, hyaluronic acid is an instant effect, and the face is only swollen for 3 days or so, if you want to film something completely unaffected, but fat filling and have to put on gauze and rest, scattered 1-2 weeks can not go out, how can artists have so much time to lie at home, see a big change in the artists are long time has not appeared.

There is another kind of failure is the aesthetic is made of the bloodless sisters, line shaping is the Korean open

Back in the day, all the beauty pageants in Korea were so good-looking that they could only be identified by their hair.

There is another kind of project failure, Park Chun’s double eyelids, many years after the meat strip is still visible, double eyelids will always look like a month after the cut, the same double eyelid failure little sister knows how annoying this.

The stars are all like this, not to mention ordinary people. In the early years, it became a trend to go to Korea for plastic surgery, and a large number of sisters were fighting, and at first, the hospital was less crowded, so everyone went back to the country.

There are too many people in the back for the hospital to receive them, and the hospital is the most crowded when the surgery is done, so there is no place to stay, so for a while the hotel next to the plastic surgery hospital also has a good reputation.

The Korean hospital is also dishonest, giving the price difference between Koreans and Chinese tens of thousands of dollars, I learned that the most is the same doctor only do simple double eyelids, Korean 4,000 yuan, Chinese 20,000. The effect was so poor that it was followed by more news of failure to maintain rights and disowning by the customs police.
There was also the earliest news seen of the first prosthetic piercing, also in Korea

The woman was also very rigid, straight out of the prosthesis, and documented the process.

6.19 update, many little friends are a little panicked after reading the last news.

Don’t panic! This is just an example, there are some doctors who are good at rhinoplasty, and choosing the right doctor can be beautiful.

Let’s have a success story 2-strike, to give everyone a fix.

Just to be clear, these cases were all tweeted by me first, don’t steal them!!!

Beijing Rhinoplasty Case

Price: 5.2W

The price is high, but the result is good.

Chengdu Rhinoplasty Case

Price: 3.2W

This nose is quite controversial, many people think that it is a failure, but this is the plmm to have a small nose, the sister requires a high nose tip, the net red style, not to mention that there is no surgical marks, so for her this nose is what she likes is a success.

Beijing Rhinoplasty Case

Price: 5.4W

The price of the nasal wing reduction surgery itself is high, and Little Sister has chosen an old doctor to do it naturally. Pre-operative small sister atrium to save the long, after doing a nose job atrium stereoscopic degree increase, visually atrium is also a little shorter.

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