What makes you stick to weight loss?

Because I want to win.

Our company held a weight loss contest, I wanted to take first place, so I was ruthless, a few months, lost 30 pounds…….

The prize is a $400 Xiaomi watch.

I don’t want a watch, I want to win.

In the talk show, Hulan said something I agree with, many people are afraid to admit that they want to win because they are afraid of losing, so they set the stage for themselves early, and when they lose, they come down from the stage comfortably.

Presumably that’s what it means, deep down, I just want to win.

Suddenly came a lot of little buddies, explain some of the things in the comments.

1. It’s a girl, a girl, a girl, not a brother.

2. what company would hold a weight loss contest, a business media site, TX News

3. Recipes and exercise methods are being sorted out, soon to be posted, hope that every little partner can be healthy and happy slimming success!

1. Things to prepare for the preparation stage

Exercise: get a gym card, buy some proper gym clothes, some shoes, a personal trainer for the rich; weigh scale, soft ruler, heart rate bracelet

Gloves, socks, sweatbands, small dumbbells to your liking or not.

In terms of diet: download a software to calculate calories and basal metabolism, food weighing, a kitchen to cook your own meals, a lunchbox to take your meals

Mental preparation: I’m going to start losing weight, put off all meals, quit all unhealthy snacks, and bang my way to my goal weight. After that, you have to maintain it for six months to get your weight memory set.

2. After the start

In sports.

1. Go to the gym 5 times a week, preferably one that is close to where you work. The one I chose was in the mall below the corporate office building, and the elevator going down and not having to go out was very conducive to persistence.
2、The fat loss period is mainly aerobic, anaerobic as a supplement, at first 4:1, gradually adjusted to 3:2, and now the ratio is fully adjusted to the beginning.

Aerobic can do HIIT, elliptical, running, swimming, and can also use the treadmill to climb hills and keep the heart rate at 140~160.

Anaerobic generally do the equipment, weighted deep squats, hard pulls and so on, without the foundation of the little white man better have someone to guide, otherwise easy to get hurt.

Work out every day, an hour, stretch for 20 minutes, be sure to stretch!!!!!!!!

3. Exercise consumption

Walk > Bike > Bus > Take a cab or drive

Do more housework.

Don’t lie down when you’re out and about. Go for a walk, walk the dog.

4、Go to bed early, sleep and avoid the light.

Halfway through writing it’s going to work. Keep it updated when you have time.

In terms of diet.

1、Low sugar, low salt, low fat, high protein. I feel especially good about what one coach said, watching diabetics eat what you eat to lose weight. My interpretation is to take less than you consume and try to keep your blood sugar as stable as possible. The coach gave a recipe and looked back for it.

2, insist on using software to record the daily calorie intake.

3、Drink more water, drink more water, drink more water…….

4, beverage list: fiber ➕ Sprite, Coke, 0 degree Coke, oriental leaves, Rui Xing’s cold day big red robe without sugar, ice American, hot American, sugar-free latte, Yuan Qi forest, Suntory oolong tea, soda, plain milk, sugar-free yogurt.

5、Don’t eat after 8pm and drink less water after 10pm.

6、What to do if you have a craving

1. Eat more in the morning, more at noon, less at night, eat more protein, hunger tolerance

2. Eat dinner early, brush your teeth quickly after eating, before 10 o’clock can sleep on sleep

3. Drink more water, drink more water, drink more water.
4. Buy less snacks, already bought put away

There’s a nail line, hahaha.

Found the recipe given by the coach, but I feel like this daily intake is a bit low and girls should be better off around 1300!

You must take into account your actual situation and eat a bad stomach irresponsibly.

A recipe reference to go with a week’s worth of meals

Calorie Reduction Recipes

day 1 (901kcal)

Two slices of roughage bread skim milk for breakfast (343kcal) Half bowl of broccoli beef veal for lunch (380kcal)

One bowl of nori egg and flower soup for dinner (70kcal)

One extra apple (108kcal)

day2 (874kcal)

One cup of soy milk and one egg and one apple for breakfast (244kcal)

Lunch Steamed Steamed Buns with Small Stir-fried Lettuce and Pickled Fish (400kcal)

One bowl of tomato and egg soup for dinner (70kcal)

Additional meal of one box of yoghurt (150kcal)

day3 (980kcal)

Breakfast 1 fried egg, coarse bread, 2 slices of yoghurt, 1 box (400kcal)

Lunch rice half bowl of sautéed chicken breast with celery (320kcal)

Dinner yoghurt and fruit fish (270kcal)
day4 (900kcal)

One cup of oatmeal and one apple for breakfast (308kcal)

Lunch rice, half a bowl of steamed fish, one fried bean curd (370kcal)

Millet porridge for dinner (82kcal)

One banana (140kcal) with one carton of skim milk

day5 (852kcal)

One cup of bean milk for breakfast and three small dumplings (290kcal)

Lunch rice half bowl of fried cucumber and chicken soup small (414kcal)

One boiled corn for dinner (148kcal)

day 6 (888kcal)

Breakfast soy milk one cup of red dates four fried eggs one (290kcal)

Lunch noodles, half bowl of stir-fried cabbage, small portion of eggplant (420kcal)

One bowl of lotus leaf porridge for dinner (98kcal)

One additional apple (80kcal)

day7 (853kcal)

Breakfast millet porridge in a bowl with one fried egg (300kcal)

Lunch rice, half bowl of stir-fried cauliflower, diced chicken with green pepper, small (460kcal)

One sweet purple potato for dinner (93kcal)

The following snacks are suitable to be eaten during weight loss: sugar-free cookies, instant cereal, skim milk, whole wheat bread, old yogurt, yogurt, red dates, fresh juice, dried blueberries, plum, lemonade, konjac cookies.

Note: Consider that since the diet will not be the same for everyone in the day, it is not necessary to follow the recipe and can be used as a reference
Check the calories before eating food to see if it’s appropriate to eat during weight loss

Recommended pairing with caloric staples during monthly fat loss

Fresh corn 112kcal/100g

Oatmeal 377kcal/100g

Sweet potato 102kcal/100g

Millet Porridge 46kcal/100g

Brown rice 111kcal/100g

Whole wheat bread 237kcal/100g

Rice 116kcal/100g

Combined with caloric vegetables during monthly fat loss (per 100g of calories)

Tomatoes 20kcal cucumbers 16kcal cabbage 17kcal carrots 19kcal

Lettuce 16kcal winter squash 12kcal wood ear 27kcal cauliflower 26kcal

Spinach 28kcal Cabbage 24kcal Western Bluebells 36kcal

Fresh shiitake mushrooms 26kcal eggplant 23kcal onion 40kcal

Golden needle mushroom 32kcal bean horn 34kcal celery 16kcal oilseed rape 12kcal

Recommended meat pairings during monthly fat loss (per 100g calories)

Eggs 144kcal chicken 167kcal chicken breast 133kcal

Grass fish 113kcal lean beef 116kcal carp 103kcal

Chicken-winged 194kcal yellowtail 97kcal carp 109kcal

Recommended meat: steamed or pan-fried
Recommended fruit pairings during monthly fat loss (per 100g of calories)

Apple 54kcal Banana 93kcal Peach 51kcal Orange 46kcal

Pears 50kcal Yuzu 42kcal Kiwi 61kcal Orange 44kcal

Grape 44kcal Fire Dragon Fruit 60kcal Strawberry 32kcal

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