The woman’s life is still in danger of falling apart.

This is the first in our series of articles on cosmetic surgery, a series that has self-reports from girls who are passionate about cosmetic surgery, the voices of cosmetic surgeons, and some 7-7-8 about medical aesthetics and getting started with cosmetic surgery.

This diatribe comes from West, and here’s the diatribe –

I’m 27 years old and have been having plastic surgery for the last 7 or 8 years, adding up to over 2 million dollars, but it’s only made me look like a normal person.

Rhinoplasty, cutting my midsection, cutting bones… My face is like a machine part held in place by many staples, supported by several prostheses, and I can’t do the siping and bouncing that others don’t have to do subconsciously.

I used to have a square face, floppy eyelids over my dull eyes, and a nose so low that I could see out of my left eye.

She was so keen on buying luxury bags and traveling that she sent me to boarding school at the age of 3 and left me alone.

I was never much of a student, so after six months of high school, I went to a private university to study accounting. It was a school where the teachers were afraid to offend the students, and all of my classmates’ families were rich.

I was told to go to London to go to university, and my parents wanted me to go.

So at the age of 18, I started to work part-time and saved up money for a nose job. The first time I got a nose job I had one thing in mind: it had to be tall! And then when my nose got higher, I wanted it to be higher, and then I wanted it to be higher and higher… I’ve had 8 rhinoplasties over and over again just for rhinoplasty alone,” he said. Since the first time the scalpel made a cut in my face, my face has never been quiet.

After rhinoplasty I had zygomatic bone thrusts and mandibular osteotomies, at that time I always thought the bones would grow back after they were cut. What if it’s crooked? I took a ruler to measure the difference of a few millimeters between the two sides of my face on the bone film, and then pestered the dean to grind the orbital bones into symmetry. It was crazy at that time.

When I was in college, I loved plastic surgery, and I also earned money by being a plastic surgery instructor.

After graduation, my family bought me a house and I paid my mortgage. I had to earn at least 40,000 yuan a month to live, and I also had to work as a plastic surgeon for a month or two. Not counting meals. I didn’t dare let myself be idle at any other time except when I slept, or I wouldn’t make any money. I went home and cried at the time, but it was no use, my dad didn’t think I deserved to own the house for nothing.

To earn money, I also work as a distributor of medical supplies, although I never use cosmetic injections myself. I think injectable items are more risky than surgery, like Omadin, which used to fill breasts for a lot of people, and when it first came on the market it was It was legal, but then there were problems. The so-called “cocktail formula” and “baby shots” in the hospital were all names we made up when we were promoting them. Items to put on the menu.

I took 3 years to pay off my mortgage on my own and my temper went with it. When I was in college and living at home, my dad always called me lazy, so I started walking to and from school, from the South 4th Ring Road every day. It’s a good idea to go to the North Fourth Ring, an 8-hour round trip, and then swim for an hour after passing through Dongdan. I’m 168 tall, two months down from 108 pounds to more than 50 pounds of weight loss, directly by the school advised to quit. Now I won’t do that for anything.

I’m around plastic surgery circle of friends, married basic will not work, home monthly 50,000 living expenses, husband to 15,000, but even if That way they are insecure. I’ve been earning my own money since I was 18, and I’m a round, so I don’t need anyone to fill it out to roll it, but they’re half round, and no amount of plastic surgery will It can’t be filled.

Rhinoplasty, inner eye corners, forehead fillers, jawbone amputations, cheekbone thrusts… I earned my own money to do all these projects one by one and my enthusiasm for plastic surgery disappeared a little bit.

was still boring, and I had an equally boring boyfriend whose family was very rich, but I thought he was an idiot. He grew up abroad, and all we did together was eat and hang out every day, with nothing to talk about. He’s never earned any money of his own, I’ve been earning since I was 18, I think he’s not a stickler, I’m sure I’m above him in terms of family, but I… Nor do I want to reach higher.

What level one is at or what level one should look for. I was looking for a little punk before, and then I got together with my husband.

He is the son of an ordinary double-income family in Beijing, and he is smart and courageous, and he bought a house and a sports car on his own in Beijing. Rod. One time my husband and I were in a game room playing race cars and he said to me, “Honey, I’m feeling extra happy right now and I never thought that The Ferrari that you could only drive in games when you were a kid, you could buy yourself a real one.”

He knew about my plastic surgery and he didn’t support or interfere with it, as long as it was safe.
My husband and I both like to buy basketball shoes, and we have a wall full of them at home. A lot of the shoes are not my own size, and I can’t say I like them much, but I guess it’s just out of boredom. My mom was always complaining that I didn’t have a decent bag, and I bought 6 of them at once for over $700,000, but other than taking pictures and posting them, I don’t have any. The circle of friends, once unused. Sneakers, bags are pretty boring, buy back every day to go out what should be or what.

Now I can make 60,000 to 70,000 per month of my own security, my husband loves me, I do not want to continue to toss, but I also do not want to go back to the original look.

I now have a different color upper and lower lip, and I can’t do the sip because I’ve been cut 1 cm short in the middle of the person, and the motor nerve is broken! up. The feeling is like the tightness you get when you bump your knee and bend your leg as a child.

In fact, the doctor had already explained the consequences very clearly before the surgery, but after all, you have to experience it yourself to know. If I could choose again, I would never do this surgery. Now I have to go in every month for laser injections and it’s been two years and I still have a pimple like scar around my nose, it’s torture! .

Even if the surgery is successful, you will need to have a CT scan every year to check if the nails are loose and the bones are not growing back together.

I have been doing cosmetic surgery consultation for 10 years, and my job every day is to tell my client what is wrong with her face and how to improve it. But now I don’t see the problems of others, there are often clients who want to make a name for themselves with plastic surgery. The advice is to go back and read more books. There are too many good-looking people. There are now the post-95s, then the post-00s, and then the post-05s. .

The first netizens I knew stopped posting selfies and they all started studying. Sometimes I wonder if I had listened to my parents and studied abroad back then, the confidence would have been different than it is now. Now I have to fill myself with money, even though I don’t have much.

Now I think Karen Mok looks good, and so do many of the ABCs that come back from abroad. In the standards of plastic surgery instructors, a smile with exposed gums, a national face, single eyelids… None of these are aesthetically pleasing, but the confidence they exude from the inside out, I, my friends in the plastic surgery community…. Neither.

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