Amazon’s list of banned products, the following categories of products are banned from sale

Firearms, weapons, ammunition, control knives and their related imitation instruments, military and police items that may cause injury or loss of life.

1. Firearms, ammunition, munitions and imitations

Specific prohibitions.

:: Pillars, ammunition, arms and imitations, including the more dangerous types of gas, ammunition with a bullet function, fire-fighting, ammunition, injections, etc., such as Desert Eagle, etc..

:: Goods in the category of real aircraft, including missiles, rockets, hydrogen bombs, fighter jets, tanks, aircraft carriers, etc..

:: Gas, also known as vapour, air steps, projectiles and gas simulants.

:: Orders with the function of firing bullets.

● Simulation

Specific permissible circumstances.

:: Shape lighter-type goods (must be shown with an open flame in the main figure).

:: Models of weapons such as soldiers (molds, explosives, etc.) (the length and size must be indicated in the main drawing using clearly identifiable references (such as rulers, coins, batteries, etc.)).

:: Toys: e.g., rubber bands, childhood toys.

:: Models and toys of aircraft carriers, fighter jets and helicopters.

2. Firearms, ammunition, arms-related equipment, accessories, ancillary products, and imitation derivative crafts

Specific prohibitions.

:: Pillars, ammunition, arms-related equipment and accessories: cartridges, magazines, sights, seamless steel tubes, accessories, pins, blowpipes, etc..

:: Pillars, ammunition and accessories of arms: bags, cartridge pouches, etc..

:: Derivative artefacts from replicas: props, bullet artefacts with warheads, etc..

:: Steel balls: steel balls between three and six millimetres in size, which are prohibited because they can be used on live ammunition.

:: Armament-type sights (scopes) and binoculars with the same function.
Specific permissible circumstances.

:: Goods such as accessories (cartridges, magazines, etc.) related to model weapons such as soldiers (in the main figure, clearly identifiable references (such as rulers, coins, batteries, etc.) must be used to indicate length and size).

:: Derived artefacts (to be shown or referenced in the main figure).

Props made of paper, bamboo, wood, and rubber (you can identify them from the pictures, for example, the rubber ones are bent in the main picture).

3. Controlled knives, crossbow accessories and other controlled instruments used to endanger the personal safety of others.

Specific prohibitions.

● Spring-loaded knives with a self-locking mechanism, also known as jumpers, self-locking knives (i.e., folding knives that are self-locking when the blade is unfolded and can be held in place by a spring or carabiner (commonly seen with wire locks, shaft locks, back locks, and locking devices for spring-loaded knives)).

:: Dagger knives (i.e., single-, double- or multi-bladed sharp knives with a hilt, compartment and blood slot and a tip angle of less than 60 degrees).

:: Three-pronged scrapers for machining (i.e., tools for machining with three cutting edges).

:: Other similar single-, double- and triple-edged sharpened knives: all types of single-, double- and multi-flute knives with a tip angle of less than 60 degrees and a blade length of more than 150 mm.

:: Other types of single-, double- and multi-flute knives with tip angles greater than 60 degrees and blade lengths greater than 220 mm.

:: Other common names of controlled knives.

Daggers, soldier shovels, bok warthogs, jungle king knives, oriental knives, axes.

Dog leg machetes, club knives, sapper shovels, butterfly knives, Tosa knives, outdoor knives, general’s knives, sabers, kaba (KA-BAR), kaiyama axes, woodcutters, machetes, Rambo knives, Rambo knives, blue arrows, old black versions of tiger stripes, Cold Steel, hunting knives, green beret knives.

Sabres, Mongolian knives, Nepalese knives, full-bladed knives, clear knives, Japanese military knives.

Chicken-killing knives, minority knives, survival knives, throwing knives, switchblades, tang knives, razor whales, jump knives, leg knives, captain’s knives, samurai swords.

Watermelon machetes, boot knives, pocket knives, Nightmare SFS series, camping knives, Inuyasha knives, phantom twin brakes, Tibetan knives, tactical axes, straight knives, and sorcerer’s knives.

:: Three-pronged bayonet, bayonet, fist bayonet, hand bayonet, prisoner of war knife, military bayonet (e.g. Type 56 three-pronged bayonet).

:: Other common control knives, such as butterfly knives, flick knives, spring knives, hunting knives, mountain openers, mountain openers, tactical axes, axes, steel knives, machetes, daggers, straight knives, outdoor knives, full-bladed knives, military spades, meteoric hammers, etc.

:: Karambit Knife (Karambit Knife, also known as a harsher than a knife, tiger’s claw, eagle’s claw).
● Common claw knife brand names: Wesson Tiger Claw, Emerson Eagle Claw, Fox Claw, United Cutlery brand, Fox brand, Tac-Force brand, Emerson brand.

Hand claw, Wolverine claw, tekkokagi.

:: Parachute knives.

:: Metal darts: triangular darts, hexagonal darts and other multi-cornered darts, ninja darts, saber darts, poker darts.

:: Metal flying axes.

:: Slingshots made of bamboo, wood and metal.

:: Crossbows, slingshot accessories, e.g. leather pockets (slingshot accessories).

:: Non-sprung swing sticks.

:: Disguised knives: belt knives, swords, katanas, lipstick knives, umbrella knives, pen knives, comb knives, cane knives, and all other products that do not look like knives but are actually hidden in part as knives.

Specific permissions.

● The description of the product must specify the scale and the cutting edge length, which must not exceed 100mm (including but not limited to outdoor knives, foreign knives and gift knives), and the picture of the product must indicate the length with a ruler and the cutting edge length.

:: For knives with metal blades, such as toys and models, the length of the blade must be stated in the product information and a ruler must be provided as a specific reference in the main product drawing.

Unbladed swords or martial arts swords (must be clearly visible in the pictures, do not just trust the seller’s description) and (a) Knives of various types of martial arts, craft, gift, etc., with a chamfering radius of the tip R greater than 2.5 mm).

:: Unbladed craft knives, such as cold weapons for martial arts: swords, spears, lances, heads, broadswords, etc., which can be used for craft ornaments.

:: Slingshot toys made of soft materials such as fleece and plastic.

:: An anime knife for cosplay, provided that the blade is not made of metal.

:: Plastic and wooden paw goods used in anime cosplay.

:: Knives for daily use, such as kitchen knives, fruit knives and kitchen knives.

:: Knives made of non-metallic materials.

:: Non-metallic darts, such as plastic children’s toys such as illuminated triangular boomerang darts and magic triangular disc flyers.
:: Non-metallic flight, tail, shafts.

:: Flying axes made of non-metallic materials, such as plastic flying axes as toys for children.

4. A controlled instrument which may cause temporary incapacity to resist, causing great bodily harm to another person

Specific prohibitions.

:: Compound bows, etc., real bows.

:: Imported crossbows: hand, infantry, submachine.

:: Mechanical archery equipment, such as mechanical crossbows, crossbows.

:: Electroshock equipment, including simulated electroshock equipment, electroshock gloves.

:: Wolf spray, pepper spray, Macey pepper spray.

:: Simulated tear gas, tear gas, tear gas canisters.

:: Fire-fighting, dry powder fire-fighting, explosion-proof fire-fighting dual-purpose dry powder, high-efficiency dry powder fire-fighting.

● e.g. imitation “May 4th” model, BMQ daggers, etc..

Specific permissible circumstances.

Non-mechanical archery equipment, e.g. recurve bows, compound bows.

5. Truncheons

Specific prohibitions.

:: Electric shock batons, also known as police truncheons and electric batons.

:: Batons, also known as telescopic batons, specific brands include: ASP batons, PSK batons, Wolf Batons, German EKA batons, Billies wooden batons, and Chinese brands such as GAS, Paul and ANT.

Specific permissible circumstances.

:: Baton umbrellas, such as the British NR Baton Umbrella.
:: Children’s toys, kindergarten stage props and batons.

:: Cartoon peripheral model police batons.

6. Police and military uniforms, signs, equipment and products

Specific prohibitions.

:: Military and police uniforms and accessories: military and police uniforms, canine vests, canine tractor harnesses, military and police pens, military and police wallets, military and police watches, military and police gloves, military and police water bottles, military and police lighters, military and police cigarette cases, military and police caps, military and police medals, military and police tie clips, military and police badges, military and police ties, military and police lapel pins, military and police badges, military and police shoulder badges, military and police arm badges, military and police name tags, military and police belts, military and police boots, military and police reflective vests.

:: Military and police equipment and products: police law enforcement recorders, military and police binoculars, large suspended national emblems, military emblems, police emblems, military and police walkie-talkies, military and police cordons, police light boxes, military and police patrol cars, police vehicle blocking equipment, opening horns, military and police vehicle permits, police batons (including electric batons), metal handcuffs, leg irons, thumbcuffs, handbands, interrogation chairs, nets, riot shields, police flashlights, military and police flashing lights, etc..

7. Religiously or racially discriminatory related goods or information

Specific prohibitions.

:: Nazi party flags, epaulettes, jewellery, military costumes and other decorations, such as eagles, lightning bolts, double S’s, swastikas.

:: Messages containing propaganda of Nazi ideology, racial discrimination or undermining of national dignity.

:: Picture books, collections, books, audiovisual products calling China Indochina.

Specific permissible circumstances.

Soldier toys with Nazi-related symbols (in the main picture of the product, clearly identifiable references (such as rulers, coins, batteries, etc.) must be used to indicate the length and size)

Flammable, explosive and toxic chemicals

1. Flammable and explosive substances

Specific prohibitions.

:: Gunpowder, bombs, grenades, tampons, fireworks, firecrackers, firecrackers (including firecrackers, wreckers, etc.).

:: Cold fireworks, coloured smoke, smoke from military (military) exercises, smoke from fire drills, smoke from fire drills, fire drill biscuits, distress signals for boats, distress signals for parachutes, etc..

:: Kongming lanterns, wishing lanterns, sky lanterns, wishing lanterns, wind lanterns.

:: Introduction of tutorials and books on methods of making inflammable and explosive materials, e.g., Ammunition Engineering, Theory of Industrial Explosives, Science and Technology of Explosives, Dangerous Pressure Wave and Ammunition Chambering, Guided Ammunition Technology, Production Technology of Explosives, etc.
Specific permissible circumstances.

grenade lighters (but in the main picture use the picture with the open flame on), grenade shaped valve tips.

2. Toxic chemicals

Specific prohibitions.

:: Arsenic, sodium cyanide, potassium cyanide, etc., including related ingredients.

● Highly corrosive chemicals: e.g., sodium hydroxide.

:: Flammable and explosive chemicals: e.g., ammonia.

Toxic chemicals: e.g. dichlorvos, bromadiolone.

:: Chlormequat chloride (even if it is used to regulate plant growth).

● Sodium hydroxide (an essential preparation for handmade soaps, but still a strong caustic chemical).

Other hazardous chemicals included in the Explosive Hazardous Chemicals Directory.

Various types, suction tools and accessories

1, category

Specific prohibitions.

, toxic raw materials, toxic chemicals and addictive drugs.


According to Article 357 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, means opium, heroin, methamphetamine (), morphine, marijuana, cocaine, and other drugs and psychotropic substances controlled by the State that are capable of causing addiction, such as opium, morphine, marijuana, dulcadine, cocaine, heroin,,, ketamine, caffeine, triazolam, etc..

Common names for bath salts: blue wave, ninth heaven, white lady, zombie bath salts, zombie agent, meow, ivory, halo, vanilla sky, vanilla essence, Nagi tendon, Hurricane Charlie, NOLA Diamond, estuary ivory flower, cloud #9

1.2) Toxic chemicals.

According to the appendix to the Regulations on the Management of Precursor Chemicals, as follows.
● Ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, norephedrine, racemic ephedrine, methyl ephedrine, ephedra extract, ephedra extract powder, etc. combined into ephedrine substances; safrole, trichloromethane; ergotamine.

Acetic anhydride (the main toxic chemical used in the manufacture of heroin).

:: Ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, norephedrine, 1-phenyl-2-propanone, phenylacetic acid, etc. (the main toxic chemicals used in the manufacture of amphetamine-type stimulants).

● 3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl-2-propanone, safrole, isosafrole, safrole oil, piperonal (main toxic chemical manufactured).

:: Potassium permanganate (the main precursor chemical used in the manufacture of cocaine).

:: Lysergic acid, ergotamine, ergometrine (the main toxic chemicals used in the manufacture of the hallucinogen LSD).

● N-acetylphthalic acid and o-aminobenzoic acid (the main toxic chemicals used in the manufacture of sleeping ketones).

Also available are solvents such as toluene, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, ether, etc., which are necessary for the preparation of poison.

:: Seeds of poppy seed-based medicines, such as poppy husk, poppy seeds, large husk powder, rice husk, “tasseled millet powder”, “cherry corn powder”, “cherry biscuit” and other poppy husk commodities disguised by homonyms, any food products containing poppy husk, poppy seeds, condiments and other related products.

:: Ingredients commonly used as hallucinogens, such as Syrian rue (also known as camel’s puff), etc.

1.3) Addictive drugs.

Such as methadone, opioid tincture, etc.

2. Suction tools and accessories:

Arabian water bongs, K-pots, skate pots, ice pots, hi-pots, grunts, other homemade drug paraphernalia, etc. (Principle: Arabian water) Commodities such as cigarette pots, K-pots, skate pots, ice pots, hi-pots, and grunts have a filtering effect and are often used as drug paraphernalia; such commodities (Assembly is strong, so the sale of complete parts is prohibited.

Specific permissible circumstances.

:: Common smoking devices, such as palm pipes.

● Opium-scented perfumes, such as YSL Saint Laurent opium perfume.

All kinds of books, games, audiovisual products, materials and software that endanger national security, social stability and contain destructive information.

1. Books, audio-visual products, videos and documents that contain information that undermines national unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity, social stability, state secrets, disrupts social order, promotes evil cults and superstitions, promotes religion, racial discrimination, etc., or whose publication and distribution are prohibited by laws and regulations.

Specific prohibitions.
:: Information that undermines national unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity, or social stability.

:: Information relating to State secrets and disturbing social order.

:: Anyone who incites ethnic hatred or discrimination, undermines national unity, or infringes on national customs and habits.

:: Propagation of information such as cults and superstitions, such as gong.

:: Spreading rumours, disturbing the social order and undermining social stability.

:: Content whose publication or distribution is prohibited by law or regulation

2. Philatelic stamps banned by the State, philatelic products produced without the approval of the postal administration, and philatelic products containing the words “Republic of China” issued after 1949.

Specific prohibitions.

:: Trading in forged or altered postal documents.

:: Philatelic products that do not conform to national regulations on the printing of imitation stamp designs.

:: Philatelic items without information on the issuing authority.

:: Philatelic items with manifestly false information.

:: Unauthorized imports of philatelic items.

:: Making or selling philatelic stamps in the name of another person.

:: The inscription on the stamp reads “Republic of China stamps”.

:: The face value of the Taiwan dollar was added to the stamps of the Republic of China shipped to Taiwan from the mainland in 1949-55.

:: The issuance of stamps of a political propaganda nature in Taiwan, such as stamps bearing the inauguration anniversary of Chiang Kai-shek, the sixth birthday anniversary of Chiang Kai-shek, the anniversary of the restoration of the People’s Republic of China, the anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China and the reunification of China under the Three Principles of Nationalism.

:: Philatelic stamps banned from circulation by the State

Specific permissible circumstances.

Stamps issued before October 1949 with the inscription “Republic of China Post”, provided the front side of the item is clearly shown in the main merchandise image.
3. Sensitive goods related to fascism

Specific prohibitions.

:: Souvenirs related to the Third Reich, such as badges, pins, uniforms, commemorative coins, flags, etc.

:: Non-books, audio-visual items related to “Hitler”, such as mouse pads, bottle openers, refrigerator stickers, wallets, mobile phone cases, decorative paintings, models of soldiers, etc. containing Hitler’s head

All forms of government documents

1. Politics-related books and magazines not suitable for domestic distribution, as well as confidential books, audio and video products, videos and documents.

Specific prohibitions.

:: Confidential documents and information, such as internal publications issued by government departments, red-tape documents, etc..

:: Extraterritorial political books, magazines, audiovisual products, etc.

Specialized equipment for eavesdropping or tapping and “pseudo-station” equipment

1. Equipment used for illegal filming, recording, forensics, etc.

Specific prohibitions.

:: Camouflage and clandestine filming of goods or information with a camera function and a high degree of concealment, such as miniature pinholes, smoke detectors, watches, pens, lighters, glasses, key chains, bird watching ceremonies, USB sticks and other camouflage and clandestine filming of goods.

:: Disguised wiretapping merchandise or information that has a listening function and is highly concealed, such as other disguised wiretapping merchandise such as bulkheads, plug-ins, car chargers, etc..

:: Anti-cat voyeur equipment.

:: Illegal keyloggers and software.

:: “Pseudo base station” equipment, i.e., equipment that has not obtained permission for access to the telecommunications network and approval for the type of radio transmitting equipment, has the functions of searching for information on mobile phone users and forcibly sending short messages to the mobile phones of unspecified users, and in the process of use, illegally occupies public mobile communication frequencies and partially blocks public mobile communication network signals, and is recognized by the public security authorities as illegal radio communication equipment.

Specific permissible circumstances.

● The square plug-in elderly child care device category, but not in any way that would lead the consumer to believe that it could be used for illegal or immoral purposes such as eavesdropping or voyeurism, such as the use of “listening devices” or other inducing descriptions.

:: A strip recorder with obvious camera functions and no concealment, but without any inducing description.
● Anti-eavesdropping detectors, which may include: anti-eavesdropping, anti-eavesdropping pinhole camera detectors, pinhole camera killers, eavesdropper busters, anti-eavesdropping, anti-surveillance wireless signal detection, anti-eavesdropping, anti-eavesdropping, anti-tracking, anti-micro-pinhole cameras

2. Equipment and software for eavesdropping, stealing privacy or secrets.

Specific prohibitions.

Remote control of the camera, camera device or camera function of electronic equipment to obtain relevant image information without any obvious prompt. devices (including software), such as “mobile phone listening cards” and “mobile phone taps” (which use mobile communication networks to listen in on targets under surveillance). When the phone is completely unconscious, as long as you enter the other party’s number, you can listen to the other party’s calls and at the same time, you can intercept and check the other party’s phone every time. (b) Text messages sent and received. Software and equipment used for eavesdropping, eavesdropping on privacy or confidentiality, such as telephone “taps” and “eavesdropping devices”.

:: Cheating devices such as wireless or invisible headphones, cheating headphones, rubber receivers, etc..

:: Contact lenses.

:: Illegal keyloggers.

bar cassette recorders that lead consumers to believe that they can be used for eavesdropping or other unlawful or immoral purposes through such forms as the use of misleading descriptions such as “listening devices”.

Infringement on personal safety, personal privacy

1. ID and ID verification, reading devices

Specific prohibitions.

:: Original identity card, photocopy, acknowledgement of receipt.

:: ID number generators, collection systems, modification software, etc..

:: Identity card readers, identifiers, scanners, etc..

:: Editing of ID cards in any form, such as funny cards.

:: All devices that can read ID information.

Specific permissible circumstances.

ID card reader

2、Personal private information and internal corporate data.

Specific prohibitions.

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